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Research Topic Date Updated Related LinguiSystems Products
Medically Fragile/Special Populations 02/01/2012 Medically Fragile/Special Populations
Service Delivery 01/01/2012 Service Delivery
Adult Motor Speech Disorders 10/01/2011 Adult Rehab
Stuttering 07/01/2011 Fluency
Speech Sound Disorders 06/01/2011 Speech Sound Disorders
Aphasia 03/01/2011 Aphasia
Adult Voice Disorder 12/01/2010 Adult Voice Disorder
School-Age Executive Function Disorders 11/01/2010 School-Age Executive Function Disorders
Selective Mutism 11/01/2010 Selective Mutism
Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) 09/01/2010 Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)
Early Intervention 05/01/2010 Early Intervention
Phonological Awareness 05/01/2010 Phonological Awareness
Adult Dysphagia 04/01/2010 Adult Dysphagia
Autism 04/01/2010 Autism
Childhood Language Disorders 04/01/2010 Childhood Language Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury 04/01/2010 Traumatic Brain Injury

These abstracts from research articles mirror the author(s)’s language and results as closely as LinguiSystems can determine. Please see the original citations for exact language and results.